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Making a luxury home, wherever you go. Service Accommodation for both business & leisure.

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Welcome to The Shine

🌸 Kon’nichiwa and a warm embrace to The Shine Service Apartment : Where Japanese elegance meets five-star comfort in the heart of Central Bangkok. Our thoughtfully curated service apartments offer a homely retreat tailored for our Japanese guests, combining the warmth of traditional design with modern luxury. Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrancy and unwind in the tranquility of The Shine, where sustainability and sophistication blend seamlessly. Experience the best of both worlds as you live and work in Bangkok, enjoying the comforts of a true Japanese-inspired haven. 🌟 No expense is spared, and no detail goes unnoticed as we ensure a flawless 5-star experience throughout your stay.🏠


Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk available at all locations to nearby attractions free of charge


Every location has its own signature greenery area, for both kids and adults


Thailand is always hot! So why not relax in the pool and jacuzzi, available at every location.

Free Wifi

Our dedicated high speed internet is always free for our guests 24/7


Our housekeeping team is ready to serve your room, including laundry

Japanese TV Channels

Specialised Japanese TV channels available in every room for you entertainment


Enjoy the serene relaxation with hot spring water, traditional design, and bamboo surroundings.

Experience virtual golf!

Perfect your swing, play famous courses, and enjoy a realistic golfing experience without leaving home.


We love making your stay with us as perfect as it could be! From beach towels to beach tents to borrow …picnic baskets empty or filled… Chocolates, wine and flowers or book a table at a restaurant for that special occasion.. something specific? Please don’t hesitate to contact us it’s what we are here for!!

Special Offers

Early Booking Discount and Free Night Offers phone direct for a quotation.


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contact you as soon as possible!

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